Easy And Great Tasting Version Of Something That Was Already Great

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We talked to Michael from IL and here’s what he had to say:

Michael On The Taste of Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese
I chose the Chive flavor I really love cream cheese and see that they have it whipped just make something great even better. I love the taste of it, it was very creamy and easy to dip.
What he Would Pair Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese With…
I definitely could see myself using it with crackers and knots as well as bread and any kind of vegetables.
…When he Would Serve That Combo
I think this would be an excellent item for your lunch, it's easy to make and all you have to do is spread it on anything you have and it instantly is a better tasting food.
The Flavor Michael Would Like to Try Next
I definitely will try Mixed Berry next time. I love cheese and fruits together so having them together would definitely make it taste great and lot easier to eat because it is already prepared for you.
Something that was great now even better!

Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese