Great Taste, Easy To Spread And Ready To Share!

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We talked to Jonathan from WI and here’s what he had to say:

Jonathan's Take On The Flavor
I just was able to try the Sharp White Cheddar Spreadable Cheese by Cracker Barrel. I was impressed! It has a smooth taste that is perfect on crackers and other like products. I have been looking for a party treat like this for some time, I can't wait to share!
What Makes This Spreadable Cheese A Must When Hosting
This is perfect for my style of party prep! Just open and provide your choice of crackers!
His Suggestion For The Perfect Pairing...
This is not just for crackers! I see my family and friends enjoying with all sorts of veggies, cut peppers would be perfect!
Why Jonathan Recommends Cracker Barrel Cheese Spreads
I am able to open, place out, and enjoy right away. I also have a perfect dish that would hold this at my next party so all can enjoy, but hopefully not too fast — I want to be sure I am able to have some!
Cracker Barrel Spreadable Cheese is the perfect party starter!

Cracker Barrel Spreadable Cheese