Please, Crackers With Cheese!

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We talked to Joseph from OH and here’s what he had to say:

Joseph on the Flavor
I thought all 4 flavors of cheese were delicious! My favorite was definitely the Pepper Jack cheese because I love the spiciness, it's just right! The flavor is delicious cheese with a peppery kick to it and the texture is like a smooth but creamy texture with small pepper flakes with a mild flavor. It was definitely rich and full of flavor!
He Would Serve Cracker Barrel’s Assorted Cracker Cuts With
I would recommend serving crackers with Cracker Barrel cheese and I would recommend it because the cheese blends well with the bread flavor of a cracker and I feel it complements the flavor by giving it a salty bread type flavor with more of a texture!
Joseph Would Serve Cracker Barrel Cheese At
I would definitely recommend Cracker Barrel Cheese cracker cuts for serving them at family events such as Christmas or Thanksgiving gatherings. I would share them with all my friends and family at social gatherings and parties. These are perfect for football games as well!
His Favorite Holiday Memory
My favorite holiday memory was when I was a child an it was the season of Winter. I hadn't seen my father in YEARS and finally, when I was 12 years old, he finally made it to come visit me for the Christmas holiday. What made the memory stand out was that I hadn't seen him in YEARS and It was special because not only did I get to see him but I got to spend it with the entire family.
I had an enlightening and delicious experience when trying Cracker Barrel Cheese assorted cracker cuts and would recommend them to anyone who loves cheese!

Cracker Barrel Cheese Tray

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