Make the Holidays One to Remember with a Cheese Platter

In Partnership with Cracker Barrel

We talked to Calvin from OR and here’s what he had to say:

Calvin on the Flavor
Extra sharp cheddar is my favorite as it packs that extra punch from that finely aged cheese. A nice creamy cheese that goes well with crackers.
He Would Serve Cracker Barrel’s Assorted Cracker Cuts With
These cheeses are perfectly sized for entertainment assortment of crackers. They fit perfectly over a cracker and the assorted cheeses are sure to please.
Calvin Would Serve Cracker Barrel Cheese At
I would serve this as an appetizer to a holiday meal with family. It is a great before meal snack to keep the stomach from rumbling while the meats cook in the oven.
His Favorite Holiday Memory
Getting up in the dead of morning to go Black Friday shopping by myself. It is a day out of the ordinary from other ones.
Perfect as a snack or when entertaining guests before a large feast.

Cracker Barrel Cheese Tray

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