Four Cheeses

In Partnership with Cracker Barrel

We talked to Tim from FL and here’s what he had to say:

Tim on the Flavor
The Cheddar Jack cheese was my favorite. I enjoyed the mild taste of the two cheeses that are blended to make the Cheddar Jack cheese.
He Would Serve Cracker Barrel’s Assorted Cracker Cuts With
The assortment of cheeses would go great with an assortment of crackers. You could experiment with different combinations to find the flavor you enjoy the most.
Tim Would Serve Cracker Barrel Cheese At
The precut squares would be perfect to put out with appetizers. A family gathering is always a great place to share food and good times.
His Favorite Holiday Memory
Thanksgiving is always a special time at our house. Our families come together to enjoy a day of sharing what we are thankful for and enjoying the time we spend together.
The assortment of cheese provides a flavor that everyone will love.

Cracker Barrel Cheese Tray