A Farm At Your Local Grocery Store

In Partnership with Happy Egg

We talked to Mark from GA and here’s what he had to say:

How Mark has Prepared his Eggs
I always prepare my eggs fried because I don't like the runny yolk. The eggs tasted more flavorful and hearty. There was almost an earthy flavor! Delicious.
His Perfect Pairing…
I have a side of fruit with a glass of orange juice and two slices of bacon with my breakfast every day! I don't mix anything with my eggs, just a sprinkle of salt.
Mark's Thought's on Free Range
I was shocked immediately when I read the graphic. When I think cage free, I thought the hens would see the sun, but that is not true. To see what a small amount of space the free range hens actually got was pathetic. Happy Egg farms look like a place an animal would actually enjoy living on.
Mark's Favorite Fall Activity
Our family enjoys making fires and playing in the yard. We will finish our days with a cookout and watch football.
Happy Eggs felt like buying from a farmers market.

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