To Dairy Or Not To Dairy

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We talked to David from AZ about So Delicious Dairy Free Pairings and here’s what he had to say:

David’s Take
I choose the Spiced Blueberry flavor I liked the clear flavor of blueberry in healthy dairy-free mixture. I also like the mix-ins as it provided a nice crunch to the item.
His Thoughts On Going Dairy Free
I have recently started using dairy-free products. They have come along and are much better than the soy products. There is still no substitute to dairy milk in my opinion, however they yogurt tastes just like a real dairy product. I like the So Delicious Dairy Free Pairings very much. The flavor is identical to that of dairy yogurts and the mix-ins are the same thing other dairy yogurts have for mix-ins. It's perfect for those who are lactose and tolerant or those that just don't want to use dairy for environmental reasons or any other reason.
David On Exploring New Foods
I will try most things at least once. The only things I will avoid are things that gross me out, like any kind of insect. I think it's important to try all things at least once as you can you surprise yourself finding a new food item you really like. The most outrageous think I've tried are Rocky Mountain oysters.
The So Delicious Flavor He'll Try Next
I'd like to try So Delicious Cheese. I've never had dairy free cheese and I love cheese. I would like to see if dairy-free cheese could fool cheese lover like me. Also, with the temperatures heating up, I'd like to try a frozen dessert.
A natural-tasting yogurt that you would never know was dairy free.

So Delicious Dairy Free Pairings