Better Than Regular Yogurt!

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We talked to Michael from CA about So Delicious Dairy Free Pairings and here’s what he had to say:

Michael’s Take
I chose the Spiced Blueberry flavor because it sounded so intriguing. My favorite thing about this product is that it is dairy free! I can really taste the hints of ginger in the almonds. I have actually been trying to reduce the amount of dairy in my diet for years. I actually stopped eating yogurt because of it. This seems like it could be a great alternative to the yogurt got a used to love.
His Thoughts On Going Dairy Free
I think the taste and texture of So Delicious Dairy Free Pairings is really good actually! I was expecting it to taste difference and feel different texture wise, but I didn't really even see a difference. I love the taste and the texture.
Michael On Exploring New Foods
I typically am very open to trying new foods. Life is definitely an adventure and different tastes in cuisines are always exciting to try. The most out there food that I have tried is a salted duck fetus from the Philippines, balut!
The So Delicious Flavor He'll Try Next
Actually, I am open to trying all of the So Delicious products. My wife and I have been trying to cut dairy out of our diet for health purposes for quite some time. We have been told by our doctors that it is better for our health and especially our gut, to cut out our dairy consumption.
So Delicious Dairy Free Pairings was So Delicious! No pun intended.

So Delicious Dairy Free Pairings