Twisted Ranch Dressings, They're Not Just for Salad!

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We talked to Frank from FL and here’s what he had to say:

Frank’s Biggest Risk
The biggest and best risk I have ever taken was leaving my career and family in New York to move to Florida and ultimately needing to find a new career. The reason was the best as I was able to find the woman I would eventually marry and have 2 kids with. We’ve now been married for 17 years!
His Take On Twisted Ranch’s Bold Flavors
I love putting cracked peppercorns as well as Parmesan cheese on a lot of my food so the Twisted Ranch definitely caught my eye. It tasted just as I expected. It was delicious! The other flavor that caught my eye was the other flavor I love to have on my food! Garlic and Buffalo sauce is another favorite of mine to have on food and again the Twisted Ranch tasted as expected. Just as delicious!
What Frank Thought After Trying Twisted Ranch
I chose the Black Peppered Parmesan and the Garlic Smashed Buffalo. I chose these flavors since these are all ingredients I like to put on most of the food I eat already. I tried both of them with cucumbers. I preferred the Black Peppered Parmesan since I had it with cucumbers and would typically put cracked peppercorns with shredded Parmesan on my salads. I know I will enjoy the Garlic Smashed Buffalo on something like baked chicken for example.
The Flavor He’d Try Next
The next flavor I would like to try is the Cheesy Smoked Bacon. These ingredients together sound great. I perhaps would not have this dressing on salad but would love to try it on a sandwich or baked chicken.
I love condiments on most of the food I eat, so trying and enjoying the Kraft Twisted Ranch’s have now given my a few more condiments I can use in the future.

Twisted Ranch Dressing

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