Ranch w/ a Twist

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We talked to Jamie from FL and here’s what he had to say:

Jamie’s Biggest Risk
The biggest risk I’ve ever taken was going skydiving, it was an exhilarating experience that I would never forget. This experience taught me to live life and make sure you do things that make you happy.
His Take On Twisted Ranch’s Bold Flavors
Cheese smoked bacon caught my eye I think because of its bright yellow color, and garlic buffalo looks like a sauce that I would like based off the orange tint. I consider myself a somewhat adventurous eater. When I was younger I only ate certain things, but when I turned 18 my tastebuds changed and I love to try just about anything. I was slightly skeptical because I’m not a big fan of ranch, but the flavors take over that ranch taste.
What Jamie Thought After Trying Twisted Ranch
I got cheesy smoked bacon and garlic smashed buffalo, and both were good. I tried both with carrot sticks, but I enjoyed the garlic buffalo slightly better, definitely due to the flavor that I like both of.
The Flavor He’d Try Next
Honey dipped wasabi sounds interesting because I usually love honey flavored items. If I were to create a flavor, I would love to see honey bbq even though it’s not that original.
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