Flavors That Are Dressed to Impress

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We talked to Dominic from TX and here’s what he had to say:

Dominic’s Biggest Risk
The biggest risk that I have ever taken was moving my family from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Dallas, Texas last summer. It was an amazing experience to travel across a great country and to see things that my children haven’t seen before. Living in a completely new state and having to adapt to cultural differences has only bettered my children and my family as a whole.
His Take On Twisted Ranch’s Bold Flavors
The flavors that caught my eye are the honey dipped wasabi, and the black pepper Parmesan. I would consider myself an adventure eater, and an eater of all things spicy. I have to say I was excited and also skeptical of the honey dipped wasabi.
What Dominic Thought After Trying Twisted Ranch
I was able to pick both of the flavors I wanted which were the honey dipped wasabi, and the black peppered Parmesan. I am curious to try each one of them with a salad and also with a chicken dish. I loved the honey dipped wasabi. I love the fact that it still has the taste of the wasabi while not as spicy because of the honey.
The Flavor He’d Try Next
I would love to try the mango spiked habanero or the garlic blasted buffalo next. I am interested to try the mango spiked habanero because I’ve never had that flavor combination before. I’m curious to see how it would taste in a salad and also with a chicken dish. I think others would like this selection because it’s something new and interesting.
A new and interesting take on a classic salad dressing.

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