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We talked to Steven from IL and here’s what he had to say:

Steven’s Biggest Risk
The biggest risk (or so I thought at the time) was proposing to my wife. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. We now have two boys with one girl on the way.
His Take On Twisted Ranch’s Bold Flavors
The garlic buffalo flavor initially caught my eye as I love all things garlic. I’ll usually try most things at least once, so I would consider myself an adventurous eater. I loved both the garlic smashed bacon and the honey dipped wasabi flavors. My preference was wasabi as it was you got the full flavor without being overpowering.
What Steven Thought After Trying Twisted Ranch
I chose the buffalo ranch and the wasabi flavors. I tried both on chicken and salad and I really liked both of them but I preferred the wasabi. Both sauces had the initial hit but toned down to a really nice sustained flavor.
The Flavor He’d Try Next
I would definitely try the mango spiked habanero and the black peppered Parmesan. The mango flavor seems like it would have the spike of mango salsa with a bit of burn(which I like). The black pepper flavor seems like it would have a heavy taste to it that would balance out a salad.
I loved every flavor I’ve tried so far – they have a unique full flavor without being overpowering.

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